Bears from roses

Made by hand from more than 500 roses, very pleasant to the touch.

Available in 3 sizes, from 40 to 70 cm. Choose a bear you like!

The bear is created after the toy "Teddy Bear", which has been popular for more than 20 years.

We manually create our bears from latex 3D roses. This is a new material that has only recently appeared on the market. It is absolutely safe and does not cause any allergy.

Sizes available for bears
Different colours available for bears
Roses in a bear

Bears from roses 40 сm

Bears from roses 60 сm

Gift box for Bears from roses

Does not require any care

You do not need to look after the bear, just follow 2 simple rules:

  • - Do not place it on exposed sunlight
  • - Handle it carefully

We ship worldwide

We pack our bears very carefully before shipping, so they will definitely reach you safely.

Own production

We are the first who came up with the idea and the bears design and we manually create them in our production.

It is absolutely safe and does not cause allergies.