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Rose in a box

Surprise your sweetheart with a superb gift.

Choose a rose
Фирменная коробка A branded box displaying the Notta & Belle logo - a pledge of originality and quality.
Долговечные цветы Thanks to special stabilization, the flowers don’t require any care
Уход за букетом The bouquet needs no vase. A stylish box emphasizes the beauty of the flowers

Roses in a box - what is it?

Gorgeous flowers that will rejoice you with their freshness for 5 years.
This unique longevity can be achieved with a special procedure of saturation of the flowers with a solution of water and glycerine.
Importantly, the process which purpose is to preserve the freshness of the flowers, is safe for people and causes no allergies.

No special care needed

You can enjoy the beauty of the flowers without spending time to look after them. The "Notta & Belle" bouquets don’t wilt and remain as beautiful and fresh even after 5 years from the date of purchase. Just protect them from contact with moisture and don’t leave them in direct sunlight.

Worldwide shipping

No matter how many thousands of miles away you are, "Notta & Belle" is always ready to deliver bouquets to any globe location. The average delivery takes 2-7 business days.

Natural plants

The bouquets that won’t wilt are made of live plants that grow on our own plantations. Only the best flowers are selected to undergo a special treatment. This is the magic secret of their longevity. The treatment used for the flowers is absolutely safe for people and environmentally friendly.