The new sort of fadeless roses in a glass dome will stay fresh and beautiful for 5 years!

First of all, fresh flowers are cut and then brought into a special condition called a steady one. Thanks to a special processing method, moisture is evaporated from a rose and so it is filled with a solution based on glycerine. It gives a flower amazing characteristics: the regeneration process is slowed down, while photosynthesis is blocked up.

As a result, the last living rose doesn’t wither and remain fresh and natural for 3 or 5 years. During this time it doesn’t need any special care like watering or sunlight.

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Beauty and the Beast Forever Rose, Which Will Make You Glad with Its Freshness and Charm for 5 Years!

It may seem unreal, but the glass rose does stay for 5 years, not requiring any care or watering. It became possible because a rose was brought into a stabilized condition. Moisture was evaporated from it, while a special solution based on glycerin was brought instead of it. That is the solution which keeps its wonderful original appearance and tactual properties. You can open the dome and make sure of it yourself! It is a true forever rose! It won’t yield to fresh flowers; on the contrary, it will be better.

A Forever Rose − a Fairy Gift for Any Celebration!

The last living rose is a magic just as it is, magic which comes alive right there and then! It’s so graceful, delicate and fine that it’s impossible not to fall in love with it at first glance! And so it happens… You present your close person with it, who opens a box with sinking and here it is – the rose from a childhood! What a delight and tremble you see in the eyes and so you understand that this present is really the best one. Who will be glad to get a forever rose?

  • Your beloved who has grown up watching Beauty and the Beast cartoon and has always wanted to be a fairy heroine for a minute! Let her dream come true!
  • Your mum who is becoming more and more difficult to amaze with original presents, but she hasn’t got such a gift for sure
  • Colleague or head will be glad to receive this amazing and unusual present undoubtedly. She may wait for anything, but not for preserved flowers which stay for 5 years! Amaze them!
  • A friend who you would like to make a pleasant surprise to without any reason just to improve the mood and cause a sincere smile on a face.
  • A bride won’t only be surprised by your present, but could estimate a colour tint chosen just for her at its true worth!
  • A beautiful stranger whose attention you are ready to catch with an unexpected and pleasant gift. This sign will be appreciated for sure!

An Exact Imitation of an Eternal Rose from the Cartoon Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast forever rose is fan exact imitation from a favorite cartoon. We have made up a unique design of a glass bottle, which has become an ideal prototype of that the heroine Belle had. Let your relatives and close people be carried away to a fairytale!

АIn order that every buyer could choose a rose meeting one’s temper and character, we have made up a great number of colour tints:

  • Passionate and ambitious women are crazy about rich red or crimson colours;
  • Refined and elegant ladies appreciate a delicate palette – from white to light-green tint;
  • Self-confident and purposeful ladies can’t help falling in love with vinous and blue colours;
  • Creative natures are interested in the most original palette – turquoise, orange, chocolate.

In such a variety of colours, the most demanding and exigent clients will find an eternal rose created just for them. Present your beloved with luxurious presents since it’s very easy!

We Deliver Roses in a Glass Bottle to Your City!

To make your wife or friend a happy owner of our rose in a glass dome, just contact our managers or place an order at the website. We are glad to deliver a rose to any city within the shortest timeframes so that you could make a desired present on any celebration or another event.

We work with the following cities of the UK: London, Manchester, Belfast, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Perth, Dundee, Cardiff and others! >>>

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