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Beauty and the Beast Rose in glass dome

Gifts from «Beauty and the Beast» fairy tale

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The original ceramic set from the iconic animated film! Bewitched dishes from "The Beauty and the Beast" fairytale.

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Our tea set is created to exactly replicate the original from "The Beauty and the Beast" fairytale. A magical teatime experience could be yours.


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The Ultimate Gift For Lovers of Beauty And The Beast - Rose In A Glass Jar

Inspired by classic fairy tale The Beauty & the Beast, the Notta & Belle rose in glass will show somebody special just how eternal your love for them is. In the romantic film by Disney, the enchanted rose in glass is a symbol of the true love that blossoms between beautiful Belle and the ‘beast’ (once an uncaring prince who has been cursed due to his lack of compassion).

Beauty & the Beast is one of the most beloved tales of all time - and explains to us how true love, ultimately, is both blind and everlasting. Now, you can gift an exact replica of the Beauty and the Beast rose under glass to someone you love just as much as the Beast adores Belle. The Beauty and the Beast rose in a glass jar by Notta & Belle looks as though it has been transported directly from the fairytale - the rose is as bright and fresh as the day it was hand-picked, by our team, on our own flower plantation! Due to an extensive period of scientific research, Notta & Belle has been able to develop a unique formula that enables each perfect fresh rose we pick to stablise. This slows down the vegetative process, meaning your Beauty and the Beast rose bell jar will ‘live on’, perfectly, for up to five whole years.

It may seem unreal, but your enchanted rose requires no water, sunlight or maintenance. It’s like magic - and will leave the longest lasting impression on the recipient!

Your Beauty and the Beast rose under glass will include a rose of absolute perfection - as we only select flowers with huge buds and large petals, sans even the tiniest imperfection. The rose, selected in a colour of your choice, and encased in a crystal clear glass dome, is available to purchase in a unique luxury gift box - making it the absolute perfect gift for any occasion! Your wife, girlfriend, partner, colleague, relative or dear friend will be completely wooed by this sincere display of your love and affection for them on their birthday, your anniversary or engagement, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other special date.

Impress your significant other even more by understanding the romantic connotations associated with the Beauty and the Beast rose in a glass jar. Tell them the story of how the enchanted rose, in the classic fairytale, belonged to a sorceress and symbolised the Prince’s heart. Soon the Prince, who was once cold and unloving, falls head over heels in love with the compassionate and kind Belle. It’s a wonderful story of how love conquers all - and gifting a Beauty and the Beast rose bell jar to a loved one will go to show how thoughtful, insightful and creative you are.

Just don’t forget to express all this to the recipient, upon presenting them with this special gift!

Who should you gift an enchanted Beauty & the Beast rose to?

We can’t think of too many girls who wouldn’t be delighted to receive such a gift, given how much affection it clearly means you have for the recipient.

Our Beauty and the Beast rose under glass is an ideal gift for anyone, really. They are so beautiful that, placed in a prominent place in your home, you could admire it for hours on end and marvel at our real it looks (because, of course, the rose is!) with the utmost delight.

The other great thing about the Beauty and the Beast rose in a glass jar is that it is a perfect present for girls (and even boys) of all ages. Your wife or girlfriend will be wooed, while your daughter or another little princess in your life will be simply amazed. Choose exactly the right colour and size to suit their tastes and even personalise it by adding the Notta & Belle creative engraving service to your order.

Just remember to let little princesses know that the Beauty and the Beast rose bell jar is fragile (the glass dome) and should be handled with care. This is an ultra luxurious gift, after all!

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