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Boom cards

The first card that opens in a slight explosion, creating an unforgettable experience!

Order A Boom Card
Boom открытка - видео


A personalized one-off surprise that will create a film-worthy moment! The only card that will blow away everyone, be it kids or adults.
Thanks to the premium quality of colourful prints, it seems that the pictures are about to come to life!
The card explodes spreading confetti and glitter around the person who opens it.

It was designed specifically for Notta & Belle. The brand logo guarantees the authenticity and the quality of the product!

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Price £12 £17
Price £12 £17
Price £12 £17
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Your significant other
Girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, kids have all given our cards rave reviews!
Surprise your family
We are certain that each and every family member would appreciate the originality of being surprised by a box of exploding confetti.
Surprise newlyweds or guests with a truly memorable confetti bomb! A boom card is an ideal way to woo them on their big day.
Birthday wishes
Classic birthday cards are far behind boom cards.
Brighten your workmate’s routine with an exciting confetti explosion card. The office will go crazy!
Kids will be super happy getting such an extraordinary surprise

Personal production line

Each and every exploding card is made in our own production facility. We take care to assemble each card carefully and to the highest standard, to ensure the confetti explodes perfectly upon being opened.

Delivery throughout Europe

We will deliver your bomb card even to the most remote area. You are able to delight your loved ones with our pop-up confetti cards, wherever they are. We also guarantee that your boom card will arrive in perfect condition. If you have any issues, please get in touch and we will resolve it immediately. We want every confetti surprise to be just perfect!

Boom postcard ¬– one of a kind surprise

Giving original gifts that make our hearts skip a bit and make us genuinely happy is a talent that only few people have. If you are visiting our website, you are just a step away from perfectly mastering this art. We will be happy to help. Meet a boom card designed to become a special gift that will surprise the person it is intended to and those around.

The tradition of cards that come along with a present is deep-rooted in our culture. It is impossible to imagine a present without attaching a card with a sweet message to it. Not to mention the fact that sometimes it is extremely difficult to find the right words to wish happy birthday or merry Christmas to a person we love dearly.

Boom cards also known as explosion cards have no analogues all over the world and were developed specifically for “Notta & Belle”. You will not find a more original and catching card.

Boom card with “wow-effect”!

The impression made by a gift also depends on the way it was presented to the person. If you decide to give a boom card, you definitely will not have to worry about anything else – our card is able to present itself leaving room for nothing else but “Wow!” Our cards will never be short on surprise.

How does the boom card work? All you have to do is to give to the recipient a simple white envelope with our company logo on it. As this card is being opened, the person’s attention will be caught by some pictures. She or he will want to take a closer look and suddenly – BOOM ! – the photos will become the sides of a cube that will jump out of the envelope, spreading confetti all over the person. The explosion of emotions is guaranteed, including those around. Who could expect a plain envelope transform into a bombshell of vibrant emotions? No doubt, the cube will be proudly displayed on the desktop as a reminder of a great celebration and of the person who helped make it so special by giving such a unique surprise.

What is inside a boom card?

To make boom cards we use thick glossy cardboard to give the card an appropriate exceptional look, since those we love deserve only the best. High quality lasting materials allow the card look great for many years. The digital printing of the pictures gives it a very high definition and brightness. A boom card will make your very special moments look even more vibrant than in real life.