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World’s №1 roses

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World’s №1 roses

Rose in a glass dome

Our forever roses are completely inspired by "The Beauty and the Beast" fairytale! We use stabilised roses grown on our own plantation in Ecuador. Due to the special stabilisation technology, the rose will give you at least 5 years of pleasure. /p>

We have 4 roses types and sizes, from small to huge, and 16 different colours.


3d Rose Bears wholesale

Our bears are inspired by the traditional "Teddy Bear", which has been popular for more than 20 years, but designed with a super luxurious spin.

We create our bears by hand using latex 3D roses. This is a new material that has only appeared on the market recently. It is absolutely safe and does not cause allergies.


Stabilised rosebuds

Stabilised rosebuds are increasingly popular - even florists often prefer them to ordinary flowers. A number of advantages favorably distinguish them from other flowers – the rosebuds remain fresh for 2 to 5 years and look very natural

We have 2 rose types and sizes, from small to huge, in 16 different colours.