Free delivery
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Free delivery

When purchasing goods worth of £148 or more free delivery 4-5 business days
Fast delivery 1-2 business days

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Return Policy

You can return the item within 14 days after receipt.

To organize the return of the purchased item, please contact us through one of the options listed below:

Messengers: Viber / WhatsApp (+420) 732 106 875
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (+420) 732 106 875 (English, Czech);
Specify the order number and the reason for return in your message, e.g. "this is not what I expected" or other.

Address for return:
Czech Republic
Prague, Nad Olsinami 448/5
Postcode: 100 00
VEKTOR Technologie, s.r.o
Tel: (+420) 732 106 875

How can I return the item?
- Use any post / courier service of your choice.
Attention! The postage costs are to be paid by the buyer

When will I get the money back?
- You will be credited the refund once we receive the item back
Attention! The postage cost will not be refunded and are fully borne by you