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Rose in jar

Fascinating live rose that will delight you for 5 years.


Beautifully Preserved Rose in a Jar Collection

Long before potpourri, our grandmothers gather rosebuds while they can. Any passionate gardener would pick the best sweet-smelling roses all summer long, dry the petals, and keep the them in jars to preserve the scent for months and years to come.

World's Most Famous Flower

No other flower has been so celebrated or captivated man's imagination in literature and art. The rose has long been grown for the fragrance and beauty of its flowers. It is widely regarded to represent love in different kinds of relationships and occasions. The rose is the first flower to have been cultivated and is still the most widely cultivated flower in existence.

This Is a Real Rose

Preserved forever rose in a jar, also named “naturalized flower”, “eternal flower" and "immortalized flower” are immersed in a non-toxic compound that draws out the moisture and dyed with different colors. This preservation process gives the roses forever, sustainable life. The colorants are the same as those used in medical, textile and food industries. Therefore, they do not possess any environmental or health risk.

Timeless & Treasured Real Roses

Save the magnificent scent of summer with a forever rose in a jar. Unlike most roses that wither within 1 week or 2, our collections of roses in mason jars will remain beautiful and healthy forever. Each forever rose stands upright in a glass jar and can last forever without sunlight and water. If removed from its protective jar, it will still retain its fresh appearance for up to 3 years.

A Lasting Elegance

Our elegance collection is the perfect luxury forever rose to show your loved ones you care. They are made with the finest quality hand preserved roses that last up to 3 years without direct contact to moisture, heat or sunlight. No maintenance or special care is required, so your loved one can treasure the gift every day.

Shop Forever Roses in Glass Jar

Rose in a glass jar is a perfect gift for marriage, wedding, valentine's gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, thanks giving day gift, mother's day and father's day gift, Christmas gift, etc. It is ideal for home décor and also a symbolic way to show your endless forever love for him or her. With up to 20 different arrangements and color options, these roses are gorgeous and perfect for any occasion. They all come encased in a clear glass dome. Whether as a tablescape, centerpiece, by the bed or as a gift, our forever rose in glass jar is what you need.

Powerful and holding its own, this collection is reflective of our attention to luxury and beauty. With a rose in jar, you can remind your loved ones that true love can be a lasting memory.

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